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Outcome-Based Communications

Business decisions are anchored to a desired outcome that is achieved through careful planning and deliberate effort.  Regardless of the business objective, you know what you want and you know how you're going to get it.  You have a plan.

Business communications should be similarly anchored to the business and just as outcome-based.  Regardless of the type of communication -- interview, presentation, keynote, panel discussion, employee town hall -- there must be clear business-aligned objectives with just as clear a path to achieve those objectives confidently.

Media & Communications Training:

The media landscape has changed, radically and forever. Learn from an experienced executive coach and former journalist what that means to you and how you can leverage that to your advantage.

  • Learn the skills and gain the confidence to effectively communicate your organization's message in any forum

  • Practice tailored message delivery tactics that resonate with key audiences:  investors; boards of directors; shareholders; internal; customers; regulators and more

  • Learn how to drive consistent, integrated business objective messaging through all of your communications

  • Learn how to take control and keep control with confidence


Presentation Skills:


Learn how to get and hold your audience’s attention

  • Practice the tips and techniques that ensure your messaging is heard and understood

  • Learn how to approach public speaking opportunities with confidence so that your audience is engaged, understands and retains your key messaging


Message Development:

  • Understand how the audiences who matter to you most form perceptions and how they can be moved to action

  • Develop outcome-based, business-aligned messaging that meets your audience where they are

  • Make your messaging impactful, relevant and resonant

Every organization has a story to tell.  The best ones link their communications to the business and leverage this to their advantage.  Master the skills of outcome-based business communications and put them to work for you.

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From the board room, to the newsroom, to the war room, Greg Jenkins brings more than 30 years of communications experience to your organization.  He will help you frame your message and coach you on how to deliver it with impact so that you are understood by those who matter to you most — when it matters most.

Greg Jenkins

The hallmark of effective communications is a clear and compelling narrative delivered impactfully so that it is heard and understood.  It sounds easier than it is.  Over the years, in a wide variety of settings from the White House to the C-Suite, Greg Jenkins has helped scores of leaders master this skill.

Briefing the President during visit to Florida after a hurricane.

Working at the White House and on four Presidential campaigns, Greg advised senior officials on the most effective ways to communicate directly with the public and through the media.  Dispatched to war zones from Kosovo to Afghanistan and Iraq, he helped to shape and tell complicated stories to the world.  Called during times of crisis or of critical importance to companies, he counseled CEOs on how to assure and inform key stakeholders.

Over the years, in government, the private sector and in the media, Greg has mastered the skills of honing a message and delivering it so that it is received, resonant and retained.  Every organization, no matter how big, no matter what business they're in, needs to master this.  

He began his career at the Virginia Press Association, working with newspapers across the state learning first-hand how the media works from a business perspective.


He then cut his teeth on political and campaign communications mastering the art of translating complex policy into the all-important “visual” which helps to cement perception and opinion with key audiences. 

From there, he worked for several years in television news on-air as a producer and managing editor.  He covered national and political news and war from Washington, D.C. to Kosovo.  It was here that he learned how the journalist thinks and works — critically valuable insight that he brings to his clients.

He worked on four Presidential campaigns, at the White House, and the Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration where delivering precise, impactful, policy-forwarding messaging was key.  He was dispatched by the White House to Afghanistan and Iraq where he organized and directed the communications and media outreach effort in a wartime environment.

He later established his own communications consultancy and worked with two global agencies where he counseled scores of clients from a wide variety of sectors.  From Fortune 10 companies to NGOs, and from US government officials to international leaders he helped them work through issues of critical importance.  He honed his executive coaching craft working with hundreds of executives to master the art of impactful message delivery.

Most recently Jenkins was part of the communications team at Alibaba, helping to organize the world's largest IPO and the communications strategy around it.  He then helped craft the messaging framework and global communications framework as the company entered the world market.

Greg founded North Bay Strategies to focus on the craft he is most passionate about:  working with executives to help them become powerful and impactful communicators.

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