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I'm Greg Jenkins, a seasoned communications expert with a diverse background spanning both the public and private sectors.


I've held several high-profile positions, including at Alibaba Corporate Affairs, where I was a member of a small team responsible for designing and executing communications strategy around the world’s largest IPO. During my time at Alibaba, I was responsible for building and maintaining external relationships, and my contributions helped to establish the company as a major player in the global market.


Prior to my role at Alibaba, I was at Brunswick Group, where I advised clients across a range of sectors, including financial, energy, tech, sports, transportation, telecom, and consumer brands. I provided strategic counsel on a variety of issues, including crisis management, reputation building, and stakeholder engagement.


Before my time in the private sector, I worked in the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President. In this role, I led the Coalition Information Center in Pakistan and Afghanistan and served as Director of the Office of Presidential Advance. I also served as Communications Director for the International Trade Administration at the Department of Commerce, where I designed and executed communications strategies to forward US trade policy globally.

My career has also included a stint as a news producer in Washington, D.C. where I covered Congress, Executive Branch agencies, and the White House. I was also dispatched to report on the War in Kosovo.


Prior to that, I served as Communications Director and lobbyist for the Virginia Press Association.

My range of experiences has made me a sought-after expert in the field of communications. I have shared my insights as a lecturer at the Department of State Foreign Service Institute. I continue to be a valuable resource for organizations looking to develop effective communications strategies and build strong relationships with their stakeholders.

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